WeB4YESWestern Balkan Civil Society Organisations for Youth Employment Support

This Project represents a regional-scale initiative designed to deliver innovative cross-sectorial approaches and provide young unemployed citizens of the Western Balkan region opportunities for employability enhancement and employment. The Project is designed to address the existing challenges of insufficient cooperation among the civil society actors and public authorities in Western Balkan in the policy processes and decision-making toward the reform process regarding youth unemployment.
This Project has been supported under the framework of the Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2016 – 2017 Consolidating Regional Thematic Networks of Civil Society Organisations by the European Commission. WeB4YES Project will last for 36 months starting from January 2018.
The Project coordinator is the Belgrade Open School and the partners on the project are: Beyond Barriers Association (Tirana, Albania), Association for Democratic Prosperity – ZID (Podgorica, Montenegro), Institute for Youth Development KULT (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), NGO Lens (Pristina, Kosovo*), National Youth Council of Macedonia (Skopje, FYR of Macedonia) and Olof Palme International Center (Stockholm, Sweden).

Empowering Youth for Employment

“Empowering Youth for Employment” is a project supported by the British Embassy whose main goal is to increase employment opportunities for young people and to boost their integration in the labor market. Macedonia is the second country in Europe according to its unemployment rate, which exceeds 30%. This indicates the need of combining and integrating youth employment and skill-building schemes, as well as building capacities for youth through trainings on capacities and skill-building. The main idea of this project is increasing involvement, opportunities and competitiveness, thus increasing youth employability and acquiring professional working experience. Consequently, one of the goals of this project is creating a “HUB for skills and competences”, which will be an integral part of NYCM and which will actively work on fulfilling one of the key priorities of the Council – promoting informal education and increasing competences. This will increase employment opportunities and social inclusion of young people.

Civic Engagement Project (CEP)

The Civil Engagement Project (CEP) is a five-year initiative for supporting the Macedonian civil sector and youth organizations that include the citizens, the private sector and the governmental institutions, as well as the stakeholders on matters of public interest.

This project will support civic society organizations (CSOs) and coalitions of civil society organizations which focus on key matters of public interest in Macedonia; it will help CSOs in promoting dialogue; will organize an annual LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Action, Development) program which will empower motivated young people with skills to work within their communities. LEAD will also enable young men and women to participate in the public life and the decision-making process on matters that affect their lives, communities and the Macedonian society overall.

The Civil Engagement Project is implemented by the East West Management Institute (ЕWMI) in partnership with four civil associations: Foundation for Internet and Society ‘Metamorphosis’, Association for Democratic Initiative (ADI), Foundation Open Society – Macedonia and the National Youth Council of Macedonia.

Monitoring the Action plan of the Youth Strategy of Centar Municipality 2015 – 2017

The project on Monitoring the Action plan on the Local Youth Strategy of Centar Municipality for the period between 2015 and 2017 aims at fostering transparency and accountability of the local institutions and increasing the visibility of the strategy, the action plan and the activities for the youth planned in the frameworks of the Municipality of Centar. The project foresees a training for monitoring of public documents, gathering and analysis of public information, construction of a timeframe and a detailed logical framework which is based on four perspectives – contempt citizens, providing services, development of capacities and budget management. Furthermore, a field analysis will be conducted mostly through direct meetings and interviews with young people from Centar Municipality. The project will show the extent to which young people, respectively the citizens of the municipality, are familiar with the activities foreseen by the Action Plan, the practical implementation of those activities and their effect. As a result of this project, a final report with recommendations and instructions will be prepared in order to further promote the existing action plan. The report will be promoted at a public event and via online promotional campaign on social media in order to distribute the key findings and recommendations to as many young people as possible within the municipality and farther. This project is expected to contribute to strengthening the cooperation between the NYCM and the Local Youth Council of the municipality, as well as between the other relevant local institutions.

 Mobilizing Social Action Through Grassroots Initiatives

The National Youth Council of Macedonia, within the frames of the campaign “Move your finger”, supports civic associations and informal groups of citizens in implementing initiatives on local level.

The main goal of this campaign is to raise public awareness for different opportunities for social changes which are in the range of each individual, as well as offering ideas and opportunities for contributing to specific activities within the community in which citizens can engage individually and collectively.

The three models of activities which will support this campaign are the following:

Urban interventions:
The interventions will represent objects or solutions in urban areas and they will be visible and useful for all citizens in the community. Examples for such interventions are: landscape architecture, finding solutions for waste, creative solutions for education and animation of citizens.

Creative activism:
Using different forms of art and creativity, the organizations will be supported to mobilize citizens in order  to creatively solve or raise awareness about specific social issues affecting the community. Within this model, different types of urban art will be supported, including: graffiti, video projections, art installations, guerilla actions etc.

Organizations will be supported in performing art performances which will raise awareness about certain social matters which affect the community. In an interactive and creative way, these initiatives will offer an opportunity for active engagement of citizens in the community.

Campaign #ИзбориСе

The goal of this cooperation is establishing and strengthening the dialogue between political parties, civic organizations and local authorities in providing inclusive processes for the creation of youth policies.

The campaign #ИЗБОРИСЕ foresees a few activities which are directed at the local elections in Macedonia, expected to happen in 2017.

Regional consulting meetings with young people
These meetings will be conducted in 8 plan regions in Macedonia by the regional coordinators of NYCM. Their goal is to question the real needs of the youth on local/regional level, which are achievable in the short run. The meeting will result in 8 documents (one pagers) with demands by the young people as well as with recommendations how these demands could be met.

Public youth forums
Eight public youth forums will be organized in the eight statistical regions in Macedonia. At these forums, the political parties will have the opportunity to present parts of their campaign that tackle youth policies. Thus, as well as through disseminating information by the forum, NYCM will empower young people to make an informed choice at the local elections.

Pledge campaign
Implementing public and media campaigns through engagement of young activists on local level in mobilizing the local population. The campaign will include creative actions whose messages will be disseminated mainly through local media and social networks. This campaign primarily aims at involving all candidates on the list of mayors and counselors in order to publicly commit to meeting the demands and needs of the youth.


Youth Organizing

Donor: Civil Society Project, managed by Foundation Open Society – Macedonia
Period of implementation: January – June 2014
About the project: The project’s main goal was to encourage youth engagement and empower the capacities of youth organizations in acting as generators of active citizenship and youth activism.

Review of youth policies in Macedonia

Donor: Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Konrad Adenauer Foundation
Period of implementation: June – November 2014
About the project: The projects initiates revision of youth policies in Macedonia in order to evaluate the current situation of youth policies and to give guidance and perspectives in strengthening youth and youth associations engagement in policy-creation processes. The project addresses the need of increasing transparency in policy-creation processes for the youth.

Youth Civic Education

Donor: British Embassy Skopje
Period of implementation: May – December 2014
About the project: The main goal of the project was to increase the capacities of young people for engagement in the public and political life in Macedonia through implementation of trainings for civic education.

Inspiring Youth Engagement

Donor: British Embassy Skopje
Period of implementation: February – April 2015
About the project: The project aims at promoting the NYCM on national level and conducting two researches that will assess the need of capacity-building of the member organizations of NYCM and will assess the needs of young people on local level.

Youth Engagement

Donor: British Embassy Skopje
Period of implementation: May 2015 – March 2016
About the project: The main goal of the project was positioning the NYCM as a representative body of young people, responsible for creation and promotion of youth policies. Eleven capacity-strengthening trainings for the member organizations of NYCM and the youth associations in Macedonia have been implemented, the Youth Inspiration Group MK was formed and the mobile application was created through this project.

Youth Information

Donor: Project by USAID for civil society, implemented by FOSM
Period of implementation: May 2015 – March 2016
About the project: The main goal of the project was inciting interregional networking of youth associations, as well as improving, namely increasing youth awareness on a national level. Through this project, strategies for youth information were created in every plan region in Macedonia and eleven memoranda for cooperation between eleven local youth councils were signed.

“Izbori se“

Donor: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) in Macedonia
Period of implementation: March – May 2016
About the project: The project represented the national campaign under the slogan #Изборисе through which youth matters and youth policies were put in the focus of the public. The campaign started by signing the Declaration on promoting effective youth policies, through which twelve political parties committed themselves to put youth matters as a priority when creating their political agenda.



The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) is an international organization founded by the states in the Western Balkans (Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina). RYCO’s goal is to encourage mobility in the region in order to surpass the extant prejudice, hatred and intolerance through financial support of organizations and individuals.

There is a working group for RYCO within the NYCM, constituted by the members of the member organizations of the  NYCM that are actively involved in all national and regional processes connected with the RYCO.

Structured Dialogue

Structural dialogue is a big European consulting process where young people from the European Union and from other European countries have the opportunity to give their opinion and recommendation on ongoing matters of youth interest.

The National Youth Council of Macedonia participates in the European youth conferences where it has the opportunity to give its remarks and recommendations. However, since there is no national working group in Macedonia yet, larger consultations that would include a greater number of young people in Macedonia are not implemented.