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Call for nomination of the member of the Governing board of the National Youth Council of Macedonia

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Deadline: October 29th 2019

On the eve of the regular annual Assembly, the National Youth Council of Macedonia opens a call for nomination of the member of the Governing board of NYCM. The National Youth Council of Macedonia (NYCM) calls all the interested members of the member organizations to apply and to be a part from the governing body of the NYCM.

Each nominated candidate will have the opportunity to present its own nomination during the General Assembly. The election will be held through anonymous voting by the full members of the NYCM on the General Assembly.

According to the Statute of the NYCM, the role of the Executive board is represented through:


Article 43

Between the two sessions of the General Assembly, the Executive board governs with the work of the NYCM.

The Governing board is composed by 7 (seven) members, by which 5 (five) are elected by the General Assembly, since the President and the Vice president are the members of the Executive board by function.

The Governing board is accountable for its work to the General Assembly.

The work of the Governing board is voluntarily based.

The Governing board can work if there are more than half of its members present on the sessions.

The Governing board has sessions at least once in a month.

The decisions of the Executive board are adopting with majority votes from the total number of the members, except for some questions that may are determined differently with this Statute.

The work of the Governing board is regulated with a specific Rules of procedure which is adopted by majority votes from its members.


According to the Article 45 from the Statute of the NYCM, the Governing board has the following competences:

  1. Governs the NYCM between the two sessions of the Assembly;
  2. Implements the adopted decisions and conclusions of the Assembly;
  3. Opens the call for the General Secretary, elects and dismisses the same;
  4. Advocates the interests of the organization and its members;
  5. Participates in the provision of the financial support for the work of the organization;
  6. Submits a report for its work in front of the Assembly;
  7. Supervises the work of the Secretariat
  8. Proposes the changes and additions to the Statute, as well as adopting a new Statute;
  9. Decides for creation of commissions and bodies for implementing the work from its responsibilities;
  10. Adopts the rulebooks and other acts by which are regulated the specific questions related to the work of the NYCM;
  11. Determines the amount of the annual membership fee;
  12. Appoints representatives of the NYCM in other organizations, associations, authorities and international organizations;
  13. Works towards achieving the goals and achieving the principles of NMSM and the overall development of the organization;
  14. Performs other activities in accordance with this Statute, internal acts of NYCM, positive legal regulations, as well as matters that are not under the jurisdiction of any other NYCM body.


All the member organizations have the right to nominate one member by their organization.

The application should be done in the following way:

  • Application form
  • Letter for support from the organization that nominates the candidate
  • CV of the candidate
  • Motivation letter


The nominated person should be on age between 18-35. The applications should be sent to the email of the NYCM, until October 29th 2019 with subject:

“Nomination for member of the Governing board of NYCM”


For additional information visit the office of the National Youth Council of Macedonia located on str. Aminta Treti 29/1-3, write on the official email or call us on the telephone number +389 78 350 531

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Call for participants: Study session for Youth Civil Society and Youth Policy Development

When? 15- 20 of October 2018
Where? European Youth Centre, Budapest (EYCB)
Who? 16-29 years old young people from Council of Europe member states and Belarus, Holy See and Kazakhstan
Theme: Youth participation, Populism, Human rights, Youth work, Youth policy
Deadline: Wednesday, 12 September 2018, 23:59 (CET)

The study session was submitted as a joint initiative by several national youth councils (NYC) in particular, NYCM-FYROM, NYC-Serbia(KOMS), NYC-Poland (PROM), NYC-Romania(CTR), NYC -Ukraine and  NYC-Hungary (NIT) with the support of the European Youth Forum and in collaboration with Council of Europe.

This study session will  address the barriers for youth civil society to organise itself and participate and young people access to rights and their active participation in civil society and decision-making processes. Additionally, the study session will exlore  the capacities of National Youth Councils and CSOs to initiate and shape the youth policy development processes.

Profile of participants:
• Be aged between 16- 29 years old – participants aged 16 and 17 must get consent from their parent/guardian;
• Be a representative of a National Youth Council and their member organizations or members of civil society organizations (such as national or International Non-governmental Youth Organizations) with experience and involvement in the topic of the Study Session;
• Be a national of a member state of Council of Europe or Belarus, Holy See and Kazakhstan;
• Have an experience in youth policy development and youth participation;
• Be able to attend the whole duration of the study session.

Travel costs, accommodation and food are covered by Council of Europe. The travel reimbursement is done on site during the study session. The reimbursement will be done in cash in Euros upon presentation of valid invoices/ tickets and other proof of payment.

The enrolment fee for the study session is set at € 50 per participant. The fee is deducted from the refund of travel expenses.

The project team will select up to 25 participants.

Please fill the application form and send it at: or
complete the online application form.
Deadline for applications: Wednesday 12 September 2018, 23:59 (CET).

The detailed information can be accessed  here.

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Extended call for nominations for youth civic engagement award


USAID’s Civic Engagement Project (CEP) invites individuals, organizations, or institutions to nominate young men and women or informal youth groups to be considered for CEP’s Annual Youth Civic Engagement Award (YCEA).

YCEA will honor successful young men and women (aged 18 – 29) and informal youth groups, the latter consisting of at least three members, that have demonstrated exemplary commitment to improving the life of their community or that of the society at large by undertaking actions that address issues of public concern at any level in Macedonia. YCEA will be awarded for actions that the nominees have undertaken during January – December 2016.

YCEA will recognize initiatives by young men and women or informal youth groups that have demonstrated exceptional creativity and innovation, and have brought about tangible results in improving the community or society’s wellbeing due to the nominee’s actions. Upon award, CEP will support future initiatives by YCEA winners through in-kind grants.

Please find the entire Call for Nominations on this link and the Nomination Form on the following link

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