Completed projects


Inspiring Youth for Engagement

Donor: National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility, Erasmus , KA3

Duration: February – May 2018

The main aim of this project is to introduce and promote the process of structured dialogue as an efficient tool for dialogue between young people and decision-making structures as well as to increase their interest to actively participate in the society. We are the beginning of the 6th cycle of Structured dialogue which is of significant importance, due to the fact that it will set the foundation and direction for the new EU Youth strategy since the current is finishing in 2018.

The main impact of this project was the fact that based on the activities that were implemented and Position Paper for “Establishment of Co-management and Structured Dialogue body” in Macedonia that was created, the Government of Macedonia decided to initiate a process of creation of Co-management and structured dialogue body of young people and decision makers that will allow young people to create and shape all youth policies in Macedonia. With the establishment of this body, Macedonia will become the first Western Balkan country to have a national working group for Structured Dialogue that will be directly beneficial for the process of euro integration of country and implementation of European practices on national level. On longer term, this national body will improve the cooperation between young people and decision makers and improve the trust of young people in the Government.

Campaign #ИзбориСе

Donor: National Democratic Institute 
Period of implementation: April 2016 – October 2017
About the project: The goal of this cooperation is establishing and strengthening the dialogue between political parties, civic organizations and local authorities in providing inclusive processes for the creation of youth policies.

Empowering Youth for Employment

Donor: British Embassy Macedonia
Period of implementation: June 2016 – April 2017
About the project: “Empowering Youth for Employment” – a project supported by the British Embassy whose main goal is to increase employment opportunities for young people and to boost their integration in the labor market. Macedonia is the second country in Europe according to its unemployment rate, which exceeds 30%.

Monitoring the Action plan of the Youth Strategy of Centar Municipality 2015 – 2017

Donor: Foundation Open Society – Macedonia
Period of implementation: June 2016 – December 2016
About the project: The project on Monitoring the Action plan on the Local Youth Strategy of Centar Municipality for the period between 2015 and 2017 aims at fostering transparency and accountability of the local institutions and increasing the visibility of the strategy, the action plan and the activities for the youth planned in the frameworks of the Municipality of Centar.

Youth Organizing

Donor: Civil Society Project, managed by Foundation Open Society – Macedonia
Period of implementation: January – June 2014
About the project: The project’s main goal was to encourage youth engagement and empower the capacities of youth organizations in acting as generators of active citizenship and youth activism.

Review of youth policies in Macedonia

Donor: Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Period of implementation: June – November 2014

Macedonian Youth Policy Review: towards inclusive and evidence based youth policy

This project initiated a youth policy review in Macedonia with aim to access current youth policy in the country and give perspectives on strengthening the participation of youth organization and young people in policy making. 
The project addressed the needs to increase the transparency and participation of young people in policy development in Macedonia.  It provides the National Youth Council with qualitative data and evidences for proposing new policies, assuming its role as a national youth policy watchdog.
The project conducted a policy review process, developing a booklet “ Macedonian Youth Policy Review”.

Youth Civic Education

Donor: British Embassy Skopje
Period of implementation: May – December 2014
About the project: The main goal of the project was to increase the capacities of young people for engagement in the public and political life in Macedonia through implementation of trainings for civic education.

Inspiring Youth Engagement

Donor: British Embassy Skopje
Period of implementation: 01.01.2015 – 31.03.2015

Main aim of the project: To strengthen the capacity and visibility of the National Youth Council of Macedonia (NYCM) as a representative body of youth organizations responsive to the needs of its constituents 


One of the strategic goals of NYCM, as the newly established structure and one of its kind in Macedonia is to become a representative body of young people and youth organizations. NYCM, like the National Youth Councils in many EU countries, needs to be recognized by young people, public in general and institutions. In order to achieve its goal, the NYCM conducted assessments of the capacity requirements on the required skills of its membership, as well as a regional assessment of the needs of youths.  The Project will assess the needs of the NYCM constituent organizations for the purposes of developing a capacity building plan for its membership.

The project also conducted regional assessments for the needs of youths, to design a forward plan to help the NYCM focus on meeting the needs of youths.

The engagement of the NYCM through the project activities helped to raise awareness of its strategic goals among its member organizations, young people, institutions and the public in general and contribute to NYCM gaining a wider recognition.

The NYCM engaged with the Secretariat of European Affairs in Macedonia on addressing the issues of youth involvement in policy-making process in Macedonia and the recent trends for youth in Europe.

Youth Engagement

Donor: British Embassy Skopje
Period of implementation: May 2015 – March 2016

The Project strengthen the capacity of NYCM as an umbrella organisation. With the establishment of YIG MK as the policy body of the NYCM, the organisation build its policy making capacity.

Tailored training were provided to NYCM member organisations to increase their capacity to serve their members. At the same time, member organisations were actively engaged in the youth policy development through their participation in the YIG MK.

The Project established a mechanism of, and further, a platform for policy dialogue through the Structured Dialogue mechanism, involving the Secretariat of European Affairs of the RM.

YIG MK was established to ensure nationwide representation of youths from diverse backgrounds and organisations. Three thematic priorities at national level was also established, and further deliberated with the Secretariat for European Affairs (SEA). The policies outcome from a cycle of consultations were debated at a Conference, and endorsed by NYCM and SEA through Joint Recommendations in a Resolution addressed to National Authorities.

Youth Information

Donor: Project by USAID for civil society, implemented by FOSM
Period of implementation: May 2015 – March 2016

The main goal:
Fostering inter-regional networking of youth organizations and increasing of youth information nationwide.
The project initiated lasting partnerships / networks between organizations of the same, but more importantly from different regions in Macedonia.
Through this project the web platform was created as youth information platform for direct cooperation between youth and youth organizations. became one of the few generators of information for young people from different areas, an aggregate and filter of the information for youth in the country.