Other activities



The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) is an international organization founded by the states in the Western Balkans (Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina). RYCO’s goal is to encourage mobility in the region in order to surpass the extant prejudice, hatred and intolerance through financial support of organizations and individuals.

There is a working group for RYCO within the NYCM, constituted by the members of the member organizations of the  NYCM that are actively involved in all national and regional processes connected with the RYCO.

Structured Dialogue

Structural dialogue is a big European consulting process where young people from the European Union and from other European countries have the opportunity to give their opinion and recommendation on ongoing matters of youth interest.

The National Youth Council of Macedonia participates in the European youth conferences where it has the opportunity to give its remarks and recommendations. However, since there is no national working group in Macedonia yet, larger consultations that would include a greater number of young people in Macedonia are not implemented.