Vision, Misson and goals



Independent, autonomous and inclusive youth sector, representing young people in Macedonia.


The mission of the NYCM is to represent the interests and needs of young people as a liaison to all stakeholders to ensure involvement and active participation of youth in decision-making at every level.


    1. Strengthening the role of NYCM as a representative body of youth and youth organizations;
    2. Encouraging processes for tailoring appropriate policies that provide social and personal development of young people;
    3. Advocacy and action on behalf of the interests of young people and youth organizations through representation of their interests before the institutions;
    4. Uniting and developing the capacities of the youth sector by strengthening and promoting the role of youth organizations;
    5. Promoting informal education and encouraging the creation of systems to support young people at local and national level;
    6. Improving the position of youth in society through:
      – Promotion and action to strengthen youth participation in decision-making
      – Promotion of youth activism, youth information and active citizenship among young people;
    7. Promoting equality, the treatment of young people, tolerance and democracy among and between youth.