Ongoing projects


WeB4YES (Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support)

WeB4YES (Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support) is a regional initiative whose task is to secure innovative interdepartmental approach and offer options for improving the possibility for employing young people from the Western Balkans. This project focuses on finding solutions for the existing challenges which emerge from the insufficient cooperation between the stakeholders from the civil sector and the government in the Western Balkans countries in the reform process that affects youth unemployment. Thе project aims at strengthening the stakeholders from the civil sector in order for them to make a considerable contribution in the settling of many disputes from employment and entrepreneurship sectors. This will be achieved through their activities on national, regional and local level. Making use of these measures, a greater focus will be given towards young people’s needs in the process of creating policies. The coordinator of this project is Belgrade Open Schools in partnership with Association Beyond Barriers (Tirana, Albania), Association for Democratic Prosperity ADP-ZID (Podgorica, Montenegro), the Institute for Youth Development – KULT (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Lens (Pristina, Kosovo), the National Youth Council of Macedonia (Skopje, Macedonia) and the Olof Palme International Center (Stockholm, Sweden).
Period of implementation: December 2017-ongoing                                                        
Donor: the European Commission

Why a Law on Youth in R.M?

Donor: Foundation Open Society Macedonia
Duration: 8 months

The project “Why a law on Youth in R.M?” is a partner project of the National Youth Council of Macedonia and it`s member organizations: Scouts Association of Macedonia, Center for Intercultural Dialogue, Youth Educational Forum, Council for prevention of juvenile deficiency – Kavadarci, Youth Cultural Center – Bitola, AKVA – Struga, Center for development and promotion of the public life – Tetovo, Foundation for development of the local community – Shtip and Regional Center for social development.
The project aims to inform and educate the target group of youth about the need and benefit of the existence of the Law on Youth in the Republic of Macedonia. The achievement of the goal is envisaged by this project through the holding of 16 educational workshops for youth through the eight statistical regions of the country.

For the purpose of the project, information brochures, infographics and other online contents will be made which will be sublimation of the most important members of the law and will remain available as a further resource.

Study session: Removing barriers for youth civil society to organize itself and participate – The role of National Youth Councils in the youth policy development

Donor: European Comission
Duration: 9 months (January – October 2018)

The study session “Removing barriers for youth civil society to organize itself and participate – The role of National Youth Councils in the youth policy development is organized with the aim to offer space for exchange of information, ideas and solutions for improving the position of youth organization in the society, to identify existing challenges and to discuss various innovative tools for overcoming the existing challenges for young people and youth CSOs to organize and participate.  It will gather representatives on a seven – day training in the European Youth Centre in Budapest from October 15 – 20, 2018.


This study session will gather representatives from National youth councils, international youth organizations, national youth organization as well as representatives from the European Youth Forum and Council of Europe, thus local, national and European perspectives and context will be presented.


This activity is organized by the National Youth Councils of Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and Hungary with the support of European Youth Forum and in collaboration with the Youth Department of Council of Europe.


Youth Guarantee

Youth Guarantee (YG) is a project of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in order to provide young people (15-29) for a period of four months, with employment, continuing education and training, or internships. The implementation plan of YG is being piloted in 2018, after which an analysis of the piloting period will be carried out. In 2018, the piloting of YG will be carried out in three employment centers: Gostivar, Strumica and Skopje. Including young people who are not employed, nor are they involved in education or training (NEET) and in 2018 they will be recorded for the first time as unemployed persons (inflow). To this end, coordinated and joint action is required of several government institutions, social partners and civil society organizations.

Young unemployed persons will be provided with services that will enable their activation and motivation within the YG, in order to provide them with an appropriate offer. Then, unemployed young people will be included in appropriate programs, measures and employment services in accordance with the annual Operational Plan for 2018, or their reintegration into the educational process (“second chance”). The inclusion of young people in the YG will be done on the basis of previous registration in the Employment Service Agency of Republic of Macedonia (ESA) and getting acquainted with the goals and activities in the YG.

Employment Service Agency, Ministry of Education and Science, Vocational Education and Training Center, Adult Education Centre and National Youth Council of Macedonia as involved institutions are involved in the implementation of the planned activities, monitor the process on a quarterly basis and report to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy about the course of the implementation of the YG.

Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform

Connecting Youth-  The platform is an initiative of Cooperation and Development Institute and is supported by Hanns Seidel Foundation.

The main aim of the platform is to offer organizations – youth organizations, CSO-s, informal movements, groups, or young individuals – targeting youngsters, from all the Western Balkans, a resource center where to find partners for joint activities, exchange initiatives, youth projects, discuss cooperation ideas, build up joint activities, get advice, and implement those projects together. 
WB YCP also offers a wide array of existing initiatives, national, regional and EU-supported that aim youth and cover the Western Balkans. 
The platform will initially provide the functions of: 

Youth Organizations Repository: Youth organizations, movements, informal groups, young researchers, etc. can register their profile and promote their activities;
Partner Search: all beneficiaries of the platform that need to find contacts in one of the countries for their next project, can use the filters to search the appropriate partner for their idea.
Information resource center regarding the RYCO upcoming activities.

FABUSS – FAmily BUsiness Successful Succession

Duration: 24 months

Feburary 2017 – February 2019

FABUSS is a 24 months ERASMUS YOUTH project which aims at helping young persons related to family business become able and effective successors. Its target group consists of 18-35 years old persons who wish to take over their family business at some point in the future. These aspiring successors need skills and knowledge to effectively develop the business by applying new innovative strategies, including extension of their markets, through networking and cooperation with similar enterprises in other countries.

The project’s main expected results are:

(a) Identification and analysis of regional needs in the field of family business succession and youth entrepreneurship;

(b) Creation and implementation of an ICT tool (Learning Platform) to improve the level of entrepreneurial skills and the knowledge of young persons, required in the process of succession of family businesses;

(c) Support and facilitation of strategic planning of family enterprises, based on realistic processes to mitigate risks of failure in their succession and family business management

Part of the intellectual products of this project are research for family businesses in all partner countries of the project, innovative training materials, the FABUS e-learning platform for learning and sharing positive experiences, and as a final product, a sustainability report.


MLADI.MK is a web platform for informing the young people, initiated and implemented by the National Youth Council of Macedonia (NYCM) in March 2016. MLADI.MK enables room for direct communication among organizations, institutions and young people for promoting different opportunities and sharing relevant information. Currently, the platform is used by 41 organizations, which, through their profiles on MLADI.MK post calls and opportunities for education, trainings, internships, jobs, competitions and events in Macedonia and abroad. MLADI.MK can be accessed through a few channels: its web-site, the mobile phone application MLADI.MK (available for iOS and Android devices) and the MLADI.MK page on Facebook.

Civic Engagement Project (CEP)

The Civil Engagement Project (CEP) is a five-year initiative for supporting the Macedonian civil sector and youth organizations that include the citizens, the private sector and the governmental institutions, as well as the stakeholders on matters of public interest.

This project will support civic society organizations (CSOs) and coalitions of civil society organizations which focus on key matters of public interest in Macedonia; it will help CSOs in promoting dialogue; will organize an annual LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Action, Development) program which will empower motivated young people with skills to work within their communities. LEAD will also enable young men and women to participate in the public life and the decision-making process on matters that affect their lives, communities and the Macedonian society overall.

The Civil Engagement Project is implemented by the East West Management Institute (ЕWMI) in partnership with four civil associations: Foundation for Internet and Society ‘Metamorphosis’, Association for Democratic Initiative (ADI), Foundation Open Society – Macedonia and the National Youth Council of Macedonia.

 Mobilizing Social Action Through Grassroots Initiatives

The National Youth Council of Macedonia, within the frames of the campaign “Move your finger”, supports civic associations and informal groups of citizens in implementing initiatives on local level.

The main goal of this campaign is to raise public awareness for different opportunities for social changes which are in the range of each individual, as well as offering ideas and opportunities for contributing to specific activities within the community in which citizens can engage individually and collectively.

The three models of activities which will support this campaign are the following:

Urban interventions:
The interventions will represent objects or solutions in urban areas and they will be visible and useful for all citizens in the community. Examples for such interventions are: landscape architecture, finding solutions for waste, creative solutions for education and animation of citizens.

Creative activism:
Using different forms of art and creativity, the organizations will be supported to mobilize citizens in order  to creatively solve or raise awareness about specific social issues affecting the community. Within this model, different types of urban art will be supported, including: graffiti, video projections, art installations, guerilla actions etc.

Organizations will be supported in performing art performances which will raise awareness about certain social matters which affect the community. In an interactive and creative way, these initiatives will offer an opportunity for active engagement of citizens in the community.